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This Gucci Logo Bathing Suit Is A Tangerine Dream

This Gucci Logo Bathing Suit Is A Tangerine Dream

Just add cocktails.


The underdog of the swimwear world, the bathing suit is so often cast aside in our bum and boob-bearing Instagram age for not being revealing enough. Ain't got no thong back? You think I do 100 squats a day for nothin'?!

But what happened to just wearing stuff because it looks good? Stuff that flatters the form without revealing every inch of it. Or, you know, stuff you can actually swim in without losing your dignity in a diving incident.

This gorgeous Gucci number makes a strong case for the all-in-one with a retro tangerine colorway and off-white logo crest and a super-cute cut with a cross-strap back. It'll also double up as a bodysuit so that at the sight of water, you can just whip off your miniskirt and resume life as the goldfish you feel.

Shop it here for $490.


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