The Glam Grunge Makeup Revival

The new clean girl aesthetic.


'Less is more' is a phrase that will be left in 2023 because 2024 is the year of grunge makeup. Think Venetia from Saltuburn's messy 2000's inspired glam meets modern-day Julia Fox.



The clean girl aesthetic will be a thing of the past; the new trend will see a global change from fresh-faced makeup emphasizing our natural beauty to a bold, dramatic, and effortless messy look as our new day-to-day routine.



We've all been there, girls. You stumble home from the club with good intentions of taking off your glam before bed, but in reality, the chances of that happening are slim to none; it's okay to admit it, and it's good news for you as in this case, it's beneficial for you to stay current. Think about it: we have all woken up with panda mascara eyes and looking a little messy and chaotic, but with this beauty craze, it's the exact look we are going to try and achieve, a win-win situation I say, especially if you want to spend an extra five minutes in bed.



Dark colors, glitter, and smokey eyes will be the new contour, heavy foundation, and laminated brows as cosmetics enter this new chapter of self-expression—a mix between glam and grunge, a perfect combination of edge. The undone aesthetic provides a more rebellious approach to makeup. The trend is a nod to the 90s and Y2K by offering an authentic alternative to the polished and well-put-together looks that have captivated us in the past.



All that's left to say is to invest in jet-black shadow, liners, dark lipstick, gloss, and face glitter as soon as possible because this trend is about to dominate this year, and it's only January! Just one last note: if you look in the mirror and think you resemble a rockstar's girlfriend after applying your makeup, congratulations, you have nailed it.