We Catch Up With Grace Davies And Discuss Her New Single 'Toothbrush'

This is the breakup anthem we all need!


Since competing on the X-Factor, the British singer/songwriter has released a number of singles and her debut EP, Friends With The Tragic. We talk about her musical future, her inspirations, and the new single "Toothbrush".

Hello, Grace, we would like to begin the interview by asking how your day has been?

Hey love! Thanks so much for asking haha - today has been a typical glamorous day in the life of a pop star… I’ve been painting my mate's loft conversion (in a heatwave!) so I’m currently head to toe covered in sweat and paint haha! Told you, glam! So all in all a productive day and nice to take a step away from music and crack on with my other favorite hobby!

You just released a new single called 'Toothbrush.' What was the inspiration behind the song?

It’s quite literal, really. I was brushing my teeth one day, staring at my ex’s toothbrush and thought “I’ve got to get rid of that!”… And I did! Obviously rushed over to the piano to write about it after tho… Being a songwriter is weird sometimes lol. 
The song in general is about how you can throw away physical items that belonged to someone, to try and get over them, but it’s hard to do so when you still have memories attached to so many things in your life that you can’t throw away (like his side of the bed etc). It’s the summer breakup anthem I never knew I needed. 

How would you describe your current music project?

Like all of my projects, it’s definitely a piece of my soul. I write so literally about my own life and personal experiences, so I wear my heart on my sleeve within my music and I’m very honest. Obviously, these songs will make an EP later this year, and it’s quite a euphoric bunch of songs - both happy & sad (but mainly sad) - so very typical GD. 

The producer Marcus Andersson was involved with the production of your new single. How was it to work together?

Honestly a dream. Marcus has been a friend for a few years now, so to have him on the project was amazing, but for him to also welcome me as a producer and co-produce this song with him was a huge milestone for me and a very proud moment. I’ve always been heavily involved in the production, always been able to hear it in my mind but not physically put it down - so after teaching myself production over the past few years, it’s incredible to finally be involved and credited. Marcus is a wee angel and so easy to work with. He lives in LA so we mainly worked over WhatsApp and just pinging files back and forth. It was definitely a new experience but so fun!

Would you mind telling us how you became inspired to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was really into musicals as a child, been a dancer since the age of 3 - but didn’t realize I could sing until I was about 11. I always did musicals and thought I’d be on the west end, but people like Adele & Emeli Sande inspired me to start writing and think about a solo career.

Who are your major musical influences? 

Raye, Julia Michaels, Dagny, Sasha Sloan, Olivia Rodrigo. 

What artists are on your playlist based on what you are currently listening to?

I actually create a new playlist at the start of every month called “grace loves - (month/year)”, so I can always go back and see what I loved at that particular time in my life. A few songs from my current July 21 playlist are: 

NDA - Billie Eilish 
Never Love You Again - Cheat Codes
Phoenix - Lubalin
I Don’t Do Drugs - Doja Cat

How did your musical journey evolve? Did it follow a deliberate path, or did it just evolve gradually in whatever direction it found itself?

I’ve never really had a plan, I just sort of do what I feel like and see what happens. I come from a really small village in the countryside so there was never really any music opportunities, so I’ve just seen where the wind will take me and rolled with it! I don’t come from a musical family either so I taught myself piano and production, graphic design, video and photo editing etc and have always just cracked on with everything myself. 

When can we expect to see you in the future? Are there any upcoming releases? What's next?

Lots more music on the way! A new song every few weeks and an EP so it’s gonna be a very busy time !!! 
Thank you so much for answering our questions! Is there anything that you’d like to tell our readers?

Thank you so much for having me, I really appreciate it! 
You can follow me on Instagram @gracedaviesofficial


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