Google Have Released Their Most Searched-For Terms Of 2020

Sourdough, K-Pop, and lobsters galore.


Ahead of the years end, Google have released their most-searched terms of 2020. And yes, they’re essentially a roundup of how the world coped with the pandemic.

In overall searches, Coronavirus topped the list. The US Election Results were second, while remote working necessity Zoom came in at third. Kobe Bryant was fourth, following his death along with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, in a helicopter crash in January.

In movies, Parasite came in at number one. 1917, Black Panther, and 365 Dni (365 Days) just fell short. Parasite and 1917 both picked up their share of Oscars this year, while searches for Black Panther (released in 2018) may have been heightened due to the death of Chadwick Boseman in August. 365 Dni, a Polish Netflix film released in July, was hailed as controversial after accusations of the plot perpetuating rape culture.

Gaming became a large part of our lives in 2020, as many searched for unique ways to socialize from home. Internet hit Among Us was the most searched-for game of 2020, with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Valorant, and Genshin Impact following behind.

Unsurprisingly, Dalgona Coffee was the most searched-for recipe of 2020. The sweet, milky beverage became a must for many people working remotely this year. Ekmek, a bread pudding served with clotted cream, came in second. Sourdough Bread and Pizza took third and fourth place respectively, reminding us that homey, comfort food was a staple for many this year.

Viral Tiktok trends reflect in the most searched lyrics of 2020, with WAP at number one and Savage Love at number two. Dynamite by K-Pop phenomena BTS joined the list at number five. Its use in a recent Samsung commercial has given it a global stage- and some fans can’t get enough.

Because a lot of us had a tough time in 2020, Google’s uplifting Year In Search gave us some wholesome facts to tie up the year. Worldwide, searches for pet adoption and fostering spiked as people sought companionship in isolation, and “how to change the world” was searched twice as more as “how to go back to normal”. Inspiringly, the most searched-for job was a nurse as people looked for the best ways to help combat the virus.

To finish on a bizarre note, searches for “how do lobsters communicate” hit an all-time high with seemingly no explanation. You do you, 2020.

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