Gold Infused Beauty Products: Trick or Treat?

As gold attracts a crowd.


For some time, gold has infiltrated cosmetic products. And it shows no sign of slowing down. The real question is:  is golden skincare a game-changer or another fad?

Golden facials, gold flakes scrubs, 24-carat serums ... Gold is everywhere on beauty shelves.  Cosmetic brands preach the unparalleled virtues of the precious metal. It’s only normal to wonder if it's really worth our hard-earned cash or if it's simply another marketing ploy, designed to inflate prices.

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What do beauticians say?

Gold is touted to have numerous virtues.  It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it can be used to calm acne flaring and redness. Gold is also known as an anti-oxidant, it protects the skin again free radicals.

Apart from the aforementioned properties, gold in any product offer a highlighting effect. The skin appears tinted, bronzed, and more radiant.

Finally, gold-infused beauty products look pretty gorgeous on a stand. Let’s be honest.

What do scientists say?

Although gold offers some interesting properties, it’s might not be enough to justify the prices of the products.  One common argument used by beauty brands is that gold promotes cell regeneration and collagen production. Sadly, this particular claim is not backed by sufficient research.

Furthermore, there is no substantial proof that gold is a better anti-oxidant than others ingredients on the markets. Green tea and vitamin C are just as potent and highly recommended by dermatologists. On top of that, the highlighting result of gold is related to its color rather than chemical properties.  It’s similar to a filter. You look better but underneath, there isn’t a real change.

What can you gather from this?

Gold is beautiful, gold is fun. If you want to hop on this skincare trend, go for it. However, watch out for the prices. Not everything that glimmers is gold. At last, do not expect life-altering results.

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