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Glossier Teams Up With Bark On Pup-Friendly Make-Up Toys

Glossier Teams Up With Bark On Pup-Friendly Make-Up Toys

If there’s anything we love more than Glossier, it’s a Glosser-Doggy collab.


Glossier is a brand which already uses puppy eyes to entice followers, as their Instagram account often features pooches alongside their beauty pouches, from visitors to the store or customers’ own pets.

To show their love for our furry friends even more, Glossier has announced a collaboration with dog company, BARK, with not just one, but two toy versions of Glossier’s bestsellers: Toy Brow and Balm Dogcom. So now you and your pooch can be matching.

The toys are incredible dog-friendly, for example, Toy Brow comes with a separate applicator wand that comes out of the tube – a two in one toy piece!


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BARK’s Director of Merchandising spoke to Cosmopolitan: ‘The toys are designed for ‘pose and play’ where the pup has a blast playing with the toy while dog parents are snapping Insta-worthy photos of their pup’.

These limited-edition toys will be released online at Barkbox and in some stores in New York and LA starting from September 6th until they’re all sold out. So if you want to get your paws on some, hurry fast! The Toy Brow will be selling at $10 and Balm Dogcom at $8.

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