Gigi Hadid's Vintage-Inspired Gen Z Look In NY

A modern take on vintage.


Gigi Hadid may be a Gen Z superstar, but she also has a flair for vintage fashion. The model and Guest in Residence creative director showed off her eclectic style during a recent outing in New York City, where she combined two trends from different decades.

On her neck, she wore a choker necklace with multiple charms, a look that's all over TikTok. The social media platform is full of videos showing how to make your own charm jewelry at Brooklyn Charm, a DIY store that has branches in New York and Los Angeles. The necklace added a playful and whimsical touch to her outfit.

But on her torso, she wore something more classic and timeless: a twinset. The matching orange cardigan and shell sweater set was a cozy and chic choice for the fall season. The sweater set is often associated with moms and grandmas, but Gigi gave it a modern twist by pairing it with black jeans that had a tear in one knee and chunky derbies, another hot item this season. She also topped off her look with a Disneyland Paris baseball cap, proving that she's a proud Disney fan.

Gigi is not only making waves in the fashion world, but also in the romance department. She is reportedly dating actor Bradley Cooper, who is 20 years older than her. But sources say they have a lot in common because they're both parents and share similar lifestyles.