Lost On Vacation: The Fashion Gang Who Want To Tan In Peace

Babes, butts and bikinis.


Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are once again responsible for your latest case of Instagram envy. The duo, along with Hailey Baldwin, Justine Skye and photographer Renell Medrano, are currently vacationing somewhere warmer and sunnier than wherever you are, and the whole squad has been treating us to photos of blue skies, jet skis, yachts and plenty of sexy bikinis. 

If you’re hoping to book a flight to join the gals, good luck finding them. The group hasn’t disclosed where their tropical hangout is taking place (there are no location tags on the Insta posts), but according to Kendall, we probably won’t know any time soon. “You won’t find me,” she wrote in her caption. 

Haven’t checked your Instagram or Snapchat recently? Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in. See all of the desktop-screensaver-blue waters and thong bikinis below. Your jealously is going to be very real.