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How A Model Really Looks Before Getting Red Carpet Ready

A literal cinderella-like transformation.


We all know how it is prior to getting ready for a night out. We spend the afternoon makeup free, relaxing in our joggers, snacking on our favorite junk food until about an hour or two before we’re supposed to meet our friends at the bar. Then, we go through an intensive beauty and wardrobe transformation, making the former sweats-wearing versions of ourselves practically unrecognizable. 

Well, it turns out models go through a similar metamorphosis before stepping onto the red carpet. (Stars, they’re just like us). 

Yesterday, model Hailey Baldwin shared two photos of herself— one a few hours before attending the 2017 Met Gala and one actually on the red carpet. The first photo shows Baldwin chilling on a couch in an oversized sweatshirt, while the second reveals her dramatic transition into a Met Gala-ready princess. On the red carpet, Baldwin exchanged her hoodie for a stunning Carolina Herrera gown and Swarovski crystal-studded veil.  

 Is Hailey Baldwin the real life version of Cinderella? We think so. 


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