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Allison Edwards

LOCATION:Hamburg, Germany

Born and raised in North Carolina, I am now discovering Hamburg with my two best friends — Google Translate and Google Maps. I consider myself an amateur spy (okay, social media lurker) and have a habit of buying highly overpriced scented candles.

Allison Edwards's articles
What You Need To Know To Get Your Perfectionism Under Control
Take a deep breath, and let it go.
Stop giving so many fucks
3 Rules To Stop Giving So Many Fucks
Quit giving time and attention to people and things that don't actually matter.
Social media detox
10 Signs You Need A Social Media Detox
It's time to quit looking at your phone and party like it's 1999.
Best us online shops
Shop Yourself Senseless by Hitting These Perfect Online Stores
Tired of ASOS? We're here to spice up your online shopping a bit!
Sexy song
SEX | 
34 Sexy Songs To Make The Magic Happen
The best songs to have raunchy, turnt up sex to!
Good mood food
Good Mood Food: What To Eat To Be Happy
6 foods to boost your mood and energy.
Stop procrastinating the 5 step plan for getting your shit together
Small talk 1
How To Have Small Talk If You Suck At Small Talk
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.
How to break a bad habit 1
How To Break A Bad Habit By These Simple Steps
Six easy steps.
Eating your placenta
Eating Your Placenta—Is It Healthy Or Just Disgusting?
The Kardashians are doing it. But is placentophagy actually worth the hype?
Summer makeup
Diy hair masks
Slipper sandals shoe trend
10 Summer Sandals You'll Love As Much As Your Sneaks
Decidedly cooler footwear.
How to relax
How To Stop Looking At Your Phone All The Time
You'll be amazed as you relax, relax, relax.
Toys 1
SEX | 
6 Ideas For Mind-Blowing Foreplay
Goodbye, predictability.
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