Gigi Hadid Walks On The Moon For Her Second Harper’s Bazaar Cover

3... 2... 1... liftoff!


Houston, we have an intergalatic model. Gigi Hadid heads to the moon for her second Harper’s Bazaar spread this year, which dubs her as “perhaps the most famous model in the world.” It’s fitting, then, that Hadid took us out of this world entirely for the feature, posing in a dimension beyond her 33 million Instagram followers, countless runway shows and magazine covers. Though she didn’t technically leave the planet, she visted NASA’s Space Center in Florida to participate in the exploration.

In the Harper’s Bazaar interview, Hadid reveals how incredibly grounded she is, despite her massive fame. The supermodel discusses her family, her friends and her relationship with Zayn Malik. She even shares that she’ll never be accustomed to all the paparazzi attention. “It’s cool to be in a place like Florida,” said Hadid. “I appreciate the times when I can just walk down the street for five minutes because people don’t know I’m there yet.”  

Read more of Hadid’s interview at Harper’s Bazaar and view all of the stellar photos below. 

One small step for Gigi Hadid, one giant leap for mankind.  


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