Paris Jackson Wasn't Happy With Her Harper's Bazaar Cover So She Called The Magazine Out On Twitter

The star removed Michael Jackson's name from the headline.


Paris Jackson may be a bona fide cover girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s always a fan of those covers. Most recently, Jackson graced Harper’s Bazaar and was featured in a series of photographs posing in the streets of Paris. Accompanying the photo spread was an interview, and Jackson took issue with how the magazine spun her quotes. Instead of posting the original cover to her Instagram, she made a major change before sharing the image with her followers. 

Entertainment Tonight reports that Jackson posted a tweet reading, "When magazines lie to you and tell you they're not gonna make the headline about something, but go right ahead and do it behind your back :)." The tweet has since been deleted, but not before the entertainment site captured it for posterity. 

The change in question? The headline. Jackson is taking issue with how Harper’s Bazaar focused on making her out to be her late father’s “favorite.” So, when Jackson posted the image to her Insta feed, she removed the headline entirely. The cover simply reads “Paris Jackson,” but the original version includes the quote “I was perfect in my dad’s eyes” under her name. 

It’s a bold move by Jackson, and it’s getting a lot of attention from the fashion crowd. But despite all of the drama, we can all agree the cover and the coinciding spread are a work of art. View all the stunning images below. 

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