Gigi Hadid Designs Capsule Collection With Reebok Classic

Gigi Hadid Designs Capsule Collection With Reebok Classic

A tribute to Gigi's passion for the original looks of the 90s.


Reebok Classic gave Gigi Hadid the keys to their design archive, taking their existing working relationship to the next level: The supermodel was allowed to express her own vision of Reeboks Heritage Express. The result was a six-piece capsule collection seeing Gigi reinterpret the classic 'Freestyle Hi'.

While nostalgia is defined as a "longing" for the past, Gigi wants her collection to inspire woman to look to the future: to push boundaries, oppose expectations and find the best possible version of themselves.

"This collection stands for reinterpreting strong designs of the past - for the world today, for women who define and dare to break conventions. I wanted classic Reebok silhouettes with new cuts,  fresh colors and materials. "

To bring Gigis' vision of the future to life, Gigi and Reebok Classic created together a further developed version of the Freestyle Hi - the 'Freestyle Nova Ripple'. Gigi and Reebok opted for weatherproof, textured leather and gave the sneaker an extra thick riffled sole, inspired by Gigi's preference for Hi-Top sneakers. The two  Gigi-designed color variations adorn discreet neon accents – a tribute to Gigi's passion for the original looks of the 90s.

In addition to the Freestyle Nova Ripple, the collection also includes two customizable T-shirts, each of which can be shortened to present a unique look. With the help of two 'GCrop' cut lines on the back the items can be customized to any length desired. Complementing the "Reebok x Gigi Hadid" capsule collection are two further new editions of the Reebok Aztrek, Reebok's groundbreaking off-road running shoe from the early 90s. In collaboration with the shoe technicians of Reebok Classic, Gigi experimented with structures and used leather overlays as well as seasonal details.

The "Reebok x Gigi Hadid" capsule collection is now available at


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