Photo: Alberto van Stokkum for Fizzy Mag

The Story Of Getting What You Don't Want

You really can't always get what you want.


For me, it's more like you always get what you don't want. I attract bad luck like a magnet. When something good happens to me, I can never just be happy; there's always a strange feeling in my stomach, and it's constantly asking: “What will happen next?” And usually my life answers back with bad luck. It feels like I'm awaiting it like a denizen: “Hey, bad luck, there you are again!”

It occurs in my everyday life as well as in my love life. Someone likes me, but I don't like him. I like someone, but he doesn't like me — that's the story of my life. The only options life seems to offer me are weird situations or hurt feelings. Awesome choice, right? Karma is doing a great job here — you get friend zoned for putting someone into your own friend zone. You get what you deserve and everything comes back to you, but dear Karma, what should I do? It's a vicious circle. 

I still think about this way too much, asking myself what I'm doing wrong, but actually it's quite simple: Life is a game, and if it doesn't want you to get something, you just don't – end of story. And there's really no other choice than to play this game. The good thing is, you don't have influence on the destination anyway, you can only change the direction. I often wonder, "Who the hell is playing this game with us?" But that's a question we will probably never be able to answer. And even if I think, "Everything happens for a reason," sometimes I just can't recognize one. Maybe it's just a pile of accidents and seconds decide what happens and what doesn't. 

If you like surprises and unexpected twists, life is yours. Be kind and someday you will get your prize — Karma is doing it! All you need to be is patient, but if you'd still like to get what you want immediately, order it in a restaurant.