Search, Shop & Learn - Nike Reveals Sustainable Search Tools For Its Online Store

Get your sustainable shop on this Earth Day!


As we come back around again and celebrate Earth Month in 2020, it’s interesting to see how many brands are getting involved this year with the celebration and how many actually want to make a difference - for Nike, sustainable innovation is nothing new.

Priding themselves on being one of the most forward-thinking brands when it comes to designing pieces that ooze eco vibes, Nike’s commitment to converting as many aspects of their products and business model as possible to benefit the planet has spanned decades.

So this Earth Day, they have given their customers a way of discovering more about the sustainable features in its products and learning about the importance of these materials at the same time, saying hello to their Sustainable Search Tools!

These newly released online tools aim to allow more people to connect with the brand on a personal level, understand the importance of their investment in the sustainable versions of the products, and gain insight into the impact of these sustainable features for the planet.

So when you’re hitting up Nike.com, check out these features:

- Sustainable Navigation: The big one, use the Shop Sustainable Materials tab to check out their eco-friendly grams.

- Sunburst Badge on Product Walls & Display Pages: The logo will now be displayed on products made with sustainable materials, launching initially on featured apparel that is made from at least 50% sustainable goodies by fabric weight such as recycled fabrics or organic cotton.

- “How This Was Made” Tray Feature: On product pages, it will be available for the items made with at least 50% sustainable materials, it explains why these options are better than traditional material choices.

So now you know what you are looking for when you check out the site, here’s a little info on what the material descriptions mean under the “How This Was Made” section, don’t say we don’t do anything for ya!

- Sustainable Blend: A fabulous combo of recycled polyester and organic cotton, the manufacturing of this material reduces carbon emissions, water & chemical inputs compared to non-sustainable blends. Organic cotton is grown without nasty chemicals and with way less water than traditional methods and recycled polyester reduces those nasty emissions by 30%!

- Recycled polyester: Made from recycled plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded, and converted into pellets. The pellets are then spun into new, high-quality yarn that still delivers maximum material performance with a much lower environmental impact.

- Organic cotton: No nasty chemicals, Organic cotton requires less water to grow and is one of Nike’s most widely used materials. More than half of their cotton is sustainably sourced - making them one of the top users of organic & recycled cotton in the world!

These new features really are a great way of educating customers on the importance of the sustainable features in Nike’s products, encouraging that eco conversation. Let’s hope more brands take a page out of their book and start looking at ways they can improve their efforts, not just for Earth Day but for the future of our planet.

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