Francesco Risso Makes Wastage Wearable for SS20 Marni Collection

Marni makes a statement with their sustainable collection at Milan Fashion Week.


In a world where fast fashion is what we live and breathe, any movement towards sustainability is something to talk about! Francesco Risso attempts to do just that with his work for Marni.

The creative director has been with the Milanese fashion house for six seasons now and still delivers the goods, this time in an eco-friendly way. The latest collection by Marni was led by Risso and inspired by his travels. The Italian creative director was in Brazil when the Amazon fires happened – an experience Risso won’t forget in a long time. It was over these travels the concept for the SS20 collection was born.



Although Risso states “I don’t like to proclaim myself as doing something sustainable because it’s easy to promote that word and not really be sustainable” his actions say otherwise. The beautiful and innovative collection was made using re-used fabrics from previous collections and waste such as plastic bottles, found along the way. 

If that wasn’t enough, the set for the recycled collection couldn’t have been any more of a statement. Palm trees set the ‘save the planet’ scene and were made using plastic bottles [for the leaves] and mechanical pulp and old clothing for the tree trunk. 

Risso has certainly shown anyone with doubts about sustainable fashion that it CAN be done and it can be cool. We think we’ll be seeing a lot more of sustainability in the fashion industry soon. Watch this space.


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