4 Ways To Change Your Eye Color

Purposely alter or change the color of your eyes.


We are all born with an eye color. It isn’t like our parents were able to complete a checklist of what our physical features would be. Shades may vary from time to time on a person, but what can be done to purposely alter or change the color of your eyes?

Here are four tips if you are wanting to change things up a bit.

What You Eat

You read that correctly. Believe it or not, your diet can have a direct effect on your eye color. There are many health benefits to a nice cup of chamomile tea. 

It is a calming-soothing deliciousness that reduces the stress hormones pumping through your body. This effects the color of your eyes also but giving them a livelier appearance and warmer hue. 

Maybe add a little honey to your tea and it must be organic honey. Consumption of honey has shown to produce a lighter shade of your natural color. As an added benefit, honey is a great line of defense to give our immune systems in fighting infections.

Eye Makeup


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No, you can’t use eyeshadow or eyeliner to change your brown eyes to blue. However, you can use eye makeup to create noticeable effects. For example, using dark eyeshadow on brown eyes can give them a lighter appearance. 

Lining your eyes with a darker shade liner can also give the appearance of a lighter tone. Each person must experiment with colors to see which best suits them. 

There are also dramatic techniques of applying eye makeup that will assuredly get your eyes noticed, whatever the color.

Colored Contacts

A way to definitely change the color of your eyes, at least temporarily, is with colored contacts. The variety of colors and designs are almost limitless. 

You want fiery red eyes? Not a problem. You only have to decide which red colored contacts to purchase. Show off your personality with crimson, blood red, scarlet and maroon. Maybe you just are desiring an edgy look or need them for a specific event. 

The options are limitless. Let’s not forget, you can always opt for blues and greens. You may just want to deepen an intensify your natural color.

Feeling an animal vibe? A cat? A snake? A fox? Not a problem. Decide what mood or look you are wanting to achieve, then just pick the perfect contact to fill that vibe. 

These looks are not just for Halloween anymore. Colored contacts are extremely affordable so if you just can’t make up your mind, buying multiple sets won’t break the bank. A great advantage also is that you can wear them multiple times with proper care. 

Take care of them and they will literally become part of your wardrobe. Who knew that changing the color of your eyes could be as easy as changing your shoes?

Laser Surgery

If you desire to have the color change permanently, there may be an option for that. Keep in mind that professionals recommend the route of using colored contact lenses as the safest way to go. 

Although not yet available in the US, STRŌMA Medical Corp is still testing and hoping to introduce this procedure soon. This option also isn’t going to be as easy on the wallet, with projected cost being upwards of $6000. 

Read more about this procedure here and see some before and after pictures.


It is said that a person’s eyes are the window to their soul. Maybe you want to add some accessories to your window. Something subtle or dramatic, it’s completely up to you. With so many ways to change your eye color, the sky is your limit!