The FIZZY GIRLS Own The Berlin Streets

Shelter from society.


“This puffer is my shelter from society,” reads Diana's jacket as she and fellow FIZZY GIRLS, Luna, Tari and Justina, put sneaker to concrete in Berlin's sun-drenched streets. The “puffer” in question is as long as the day, like a Matrix trench from a streetwear future, perfectly fitting to the city's nonconformist attitude – and Justina's slim-ass shades, obvs.

The badass babes are outfitted in Danish unisex label ACKITE, a disruptive, black and white-heavy brand that prides itself on its postively diverse mindset. Posing under the low ceilings of the S-Bahn station, against spray-painted bricks and the bowl of a bustling skatepark, our favorite influencers are a far cry from the Trump-era far-right demo that would unfold in Berlin just a couple of weeks later.

And, together with their urban uniform of graphic tees, baggy pants and minimal accessories, the girls wear the same take-no-shit expression that would fight back the only way our rebel youth know how – one giant, all-inclusive rave in the city's showcase district. The moral of the story: When society doesn't wash, wear love and diversity instead.

We own this city, we own this world.

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Luna Emilia @lunaakrom

Tari Webber @bambihascurls

Justina Ko @justina.ko

Diana Maracuja @dianamaracuja

Video & edit: Fling Fling