5 Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is Healthy For Your Relationship

Some of your most memorable trips might come alone.


As wonderful as it is to share a memorable trip and experience a new culture with your partner, there is something to be said for traveling alone. Traveling solo when single isn’t brand new but what about if you’re married or in a relationship? Is it viable? Is it selfish and does it say something negative about your relationship? Well, according to the UK travel association ABTA, in 2018 the number of people taking solo holidays since 2011 went up three-fold. So, if you’re thinking about doing it, understand that you’re not alone. Plenty of people have dabbled in solo traveling while in a relationship and it’s made them stronger for it. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should too: 

Personal Time

Do you find yourself spending almost all of your personal time with your other half? Do you find yourself intruding on their alone time, or they yours? It can be pretty unhealthy spending all those hours with the same person, doing the same thing, having the same conversations. The key to keeping any relationship healthy and vibrant is understanding that spending time apart is fine. Solo traveling allows you the time to reconnect with yourself while also giving your partner his own space to grow as an individual. As the old saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder.


With holiday leave scarce and the pressures of keeping up appearances, it can be really difficult for both of your time to align. It can also be distressing when all you want to do is go on holiday, but you know your partner can’t come along at the moment. Instead of building up resentment or having regrets, why not travel solo? If you and your partner have an understanding, planning for holidays can suddenly become less stressful emotionally and financially. It allows you both to find something that is suitable to your work schedules, while also getting that much deserved holiday exactly when you need it. 


Okay, hands up, how many of you have had to do something while on holiday that you absolutely detested but your partner insisted should be part of the itinerary? While a healthy relationship is based on making compromises and understanding that your husband or boyfriend is his own person, sometimes it’s okay to prefer that half-day at the spa than going sightseeing. One of the perks of traveling solo means you can do exactly that. You are in no obligation to satisfy anyone but yourself.  Go get that massage you so desperately want, girl!  

Improved self-esteem 

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, traveling solo can do wonders for your self-esteem. The idea of sitting alone at a restaurant for dinner, or going sightseeing by yourself, can be pretty scary. But once you actually do it, you’ll realize that there was nothing to be worried about. That, in turn, will empower you in ways that traveling with your partner couldn’t. When you tackle one fear successfully, you may find yourself more inclined to tackle everything else you’ve been ignoring in your life. This makes you into a more productive and assertive individual moving forward. 

See to your passion

For quite a lot of women, traveling is a passion. It isn’t just a holiday you’ve booked that you’ve been meaning to go to, it’s part of a lifelong desire to explore the entire world. Sometimes with work, age and societal pressures of starting a family, many women may put that passion on the back burner. But why should you compromise a big part of your personality just to conform to what others say you should be doing? Life is too short to have regrets, especially when your partner entered the relationship knowing that traveling is a passion of yours. Book that plane ticket and live your life as you should. 

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