5 Festival Outfits Under $250 That Save Your Bank Account

Look like a million bucks.


The festival season has just started with Coachella starting today as the style-inspo-festival with all our favorite celebrities flexing on the most custom styles. And even though we are a sucker for Bella’s, Vanessa’s and of course Rihanna’s legendary styles they are usually far over our budget. Hello, we just spend all our money and cute festival makeup, our tents and — duh — the ticket! We simply can’t afford to spend thousands on a killer fit. Thankfully, Fizzy Mag always got your shopping bag. We collected five festival styles that won’t leave you broke but will drop a lot of jaws. So lean back, and let us do the work, while you look for the best line-up to match your favorite fit. 


1. The Biker Meets (Blade) Runner — Total: $244

The future is now! Or something like that. This year, while a lot of festivals live from the boho style, we want to mix it up with futuristic elements. How about a cozy sheer coat/dress to layer over your sleek biking combo. And of course to round it up — how about some chunky sandals. The extra inches let you look over anyone's head to see your favorite artist perform.

Out From Under Azalea Sheer Organza Slip Dress $59, Out From Under Snap Dragon Long Sleeve Bra Top $44, I.AM.GIA Side Stripe Bike Short $90, Glamorous chunky sporty sandals $51


2. The Came For The Rave Stayed For The Fashion — Total: $240

We love a good rave, especially when it means, unpacking all the kinky-wear and dress like a killer hooker from Sin City — hot but able to snap your neck. This all black warrior combo is definitely telling people to back off and let you enjoy the music and your friends.

New Girl Order high neck bodycon dress $42, ASOS DESIGN harness belt $29, Dr. Martens Core 1460 8-Eye Boot $140, AJ Morgan mini rectangular sunglasses in gold $29


3. The After Sunset Dream Of Silkyness — Total: $239

What makes you slip through the crowds better to get to the front row? Guessed it — a full silk fit. Combining the magical colors of a sunset on the beach and you got yourself a dream combo that gives you the best mood. Who needs booze when you can have a set of satin.

I.AM.GIA Satin Naomi Ruffle Bustier Top $90, ASOS DESIGN bias cut satin midi skirt $45, Vans SK8-Hi color block sneakers $65, My Accessories London Exclusive neon pink crossbody bag $26ASOS DESIGN rectangle hair clips $13


4.The  Neon Dancer Of The Night — Total: $230

Neon has been on our shopping list nonstop since like a year. We mad? Nope! Especially neon green just pops on every skin tone and makes you the attention center in seconds. Especially the contrast to black pieces is killing. So why not combine sheer materials with a neon mesh unitard and a black tulle skirt. To round it all up, slip into these neon-black platform sneakers. Did we tell you about the perks of platforms at a festival?

Motel mesh unitard $56, adidas Originals Black Tulle Adicolor Sleek Skirt $65, ASOS DESIGN visor sunglasses $19, FILA Trailblazer Platform Sneaker $90


5. The Queen R’n’B — Total: $193

We love getting style inspiration from 90’s and early 00’s R’n’B queens. And the notorious oversized velour sweaters fit well with the still lasting trend of cycling pants and animal prints. We call this style ‘Missy Elliott Meets Fran Dresher’.

Criminal Damage crop off shoulder velour sweater $60, COLLUSION legging shorts in leopard print $16, ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Leadership peep-toe ballet flats $32, DIFF Eyewear Bella Sunglasses $85


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