5 Best Eye Make-Up Looks To Try At Home

With these creative looks we see a post lockdown glow up pending.


It’s that time again, in the wake of the laptop camera forcing us to stare at our poor WFH make-up job, we need a serious confidence boost. Over the past year, our everyday looks have consisted of facemasks, serious cleansing, and the occasional brow. The only call for make-up has been the sporadic nude eye for a Zoom birthday call or a trip to the store.

Feeling like you need a new hobby? Well, it’s time for a post lockdown glow-up, so dust off your make-up brushes and crack out the mirror because we’ve got five makeup looks for you to try.


Like a diamond art


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This diamond-adorned look basically screams I am waiting for season two of Euphoria, say goodbye to standard shimmer and hello to Sparkle! You can create this look using some eyelash glue and tiny crystals packed on top of your brightest color– it’ll make you feel like a diamond.


Gloss like a boss art


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If like us, your Smokey pallete hasn’t been seen since February 2020, don’t worry, it’s not needed for this glossy look. This is a great quick fix to wow your 8 am meeting, just add a few specks of eye gloss, blend and you're all set.


Cat-eye 2.0 art

Ever do a standard cat-eye and after thirty seconds it’s three sizes too big, well that’s a look now. This bold eye look needs only some black shadow to blend and your everyday eyeliner pen. For a simple yet captivating look, this is a must-try.


Pastel me crazy art 

Spring is here and it’s time to crack out the pastels, the precision is not important it’s the color that matters. This look will make you feel a bit brighter this season – I know we will be pulling out all the stops for this year’s egg hunt.


Floating liner art

Liner just for the lash line, we don’t know her. This is a super-easy way to add a bit of boldness to your look. When you’re feeling a little weary, whether you use the neon accents or standard liner this look will make you exude confidence.  

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