Finding Positivity In The Age Of Sexual Recession

To change the record, a shift in thinking is needed.


A myriad of factors have combined to create what some analysts are terming a ‘sex recession’. Social isolation, problematic legal changes, lower incomes and insecurity over the future have combined to a point where Gen Z is now reconsidering sex altogether, according to Insider magazine. Intimacy is an important part of the social fabric and for many a key part of happiness. To change the record, a shift in thinking is needed - but it can only occur with an open mind and a real thought about how today’s societal values can push relationships apart. 

Focusing on female intimacy

After years of what seemed like progress, the envelope is being resealed in favor of toxic masculinity. Hyper masculine and downright offensive influencers dominate the airwaves, and that can be harmful for women, as highlighted by Psychology Today. Finding the balance in relationships where women can feel safe, and their needs attended to, is crucial. For men, that psychological edge can be found in opening the mind and taking a positive view towards female pleasure - and playing with toys. Intimate toys such as the Hitachi Wand, Inya the rose and the Satisfyer should be seen as important tools for fun and exploration, rather than as a replacement for the man - a phenomenon that too many men report. It’s toxic masculinity that creates the idea that sexual fulfillment should revolve around men, and breaking those barriers down with the fun of toys is a powerful way to change the conversation.

Judgment free exploration

There is a shrinking of free speech spaces when it comes to sexual liberation and positivity. Florida has, in particular, started to embrace a set of ultra-conservative rules that may soon make it hard for women to even talk about non-sexual topics simply because they revolve around female anatomy. Talking, and exploring, is really important, and as the New York Times highlights, the freedom to discuss kinks, taboos, and roleplay is core to sexual liberation. If women can feel safe that they can discuss their needs in those safe spaces, and have them safely explored and respected, it’ll go a long way.

Checking privilege

Every person deserves the ability to feel safe and respected when discussing their sexual preferences. However, as Psych Central notes, there are limits for everyone - and it can be hard, even for the most progressive person, to check their understanding and question their own reactions towards unfamiliar practices. The repression of sexual positivity lurks in the biases that everyone holds, and it is so important to respect other people. That, too, can help to broaden boundaries, and will create an overall much better environment for sexual positivity within society.

There’s little surprise that the younger generations are holding back when it comes to intimacy. The current discourse and culture has enforced that. Fighting back against this, however, requires a calm and considered view of sexuality and maintaining the confidence, and will, to continue expressing needs and desires.