Which Of Rihanna's 3 Fenty PUMA Ankle Strap Creepers Are You?

Ice queen, goth kid, or retro girl?


Take a deep breath because the time has finally come: Rihanna's glorious Fenty PUMA Ankle Strap Creepers have landed. Part of the star's provocative bad school girl-inspired fall/winter 2017 collection, these clomping sneakers, featuring bold PUMA-branded ankle straps, are designed to keep you high up above the basics. As PUMA so accurately puts it, these babies scream, “Out of the way, freshman: this style is for sneaker seniors only!” But before you strap yourself in for a “wild fashion ride,” there's the small issue of choosing your colorway – a tough decision akin to having to choose between three adorable kitten siblings at the animal rescue center. Maybe I could just take home all three? Never fear, Fizzy Mag's here to help you through your crippling decision paralysis: which Fenty PUMA Ankle Strap Creeper are you?



The Ice Queen

Yep, just as Game of Thrones has been telling us since the very first episode, winter is coming – and that winter is you. You may look all sweet and innocent in your “Vanilla Ice- Puma White” creps but that doesn't mean you weren't born to... sleigh. You're an angel on the outside and a devil on the inside. You're the reason they adapted that children's nursery rhyme to, when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad, she was better. If you took a personality test, you'd score an A+ for looking out for number one, trumped only by your talent for breaking boys' hearts with just a flash of the eyes. You don't need no ankle strap to make you feel secure, but you'll wear a pair anyway – because you fuckin' can. 

Shop for $160 here.


The Goth Kid

Darkness isn't evil; it's beautiful. You don't hold any illusions about life; you embrace all of it – good and bad. The way you see it, day will always turn to night, love becomes loss, there is no white without black. Your “Puma Black – Puma White” creepers are the embodiment of that ethos. Mysterious, eyes smudged with liner and dressed in head-to-toe black, you're the beckoning finger of nocturnal seduction. You're the dangerous, unpredictable girl he's scared to take home to mama. You may live in athletic styles, but only because they're perfect for sweaty moshpits, and, well, you don't need to truss your tits up in a tight corset to look smoking hot.

Shop for $160 here.


The Retro Girl

We got it girl, you were totally born in the wrong decade. As soon as you could walk, you were making beelines to your mom's stash of '80s and '90s vintage, to the point that her guady-AF multi-colored shell suit jacket legit became your comfort blanket – and yep, despite the various miscellaneous stains and bite marks, you do still own it. For you, color is the greatest form of expression, and these “Black-White-RedBud-Clematis” kicks are just as footloose and fancy free as you are. You set your clocks by the daily vintage store drop; spot the collar of a geometric patterned track jacket peaking out from a pile of beige old people clothes and you're a moth to a flame. You're the enviably energetic life and soul of the party – in fact, parties have been canceled when you decided not to show up, just because you knew they weren't gonna play the right records.

Shop for $160 here.


Already made up your mind? See it wasn't so hard, after all. For much more new Fenty PUMA stuff take a look here.