Fendi Brings Timeless Luxury To FW21

A collection of extraordinary Italian elegance.


Kim Jones has presented his first ready-to-wear collection for Fendi Womenswear Fall/Winter 2021-22. He’s built on the luxuriousness of the Italian label, mixing the old with the new to celebrate everyday femininity. 


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The show opens with poetic commentary: “She is here, he is her. Change the way the world might be. He is her. She is he. Change the world and end all fear. Put yourself in final gear. Turn the wheel and this way steer.” As this echoes around the set, models walk in and out in a hurried fashion, exuding a boss-like energy as if they’ve got somewhere to be. 

Dressed in neutral, autumnal and understated colors, the range is full of elegance. We’re first introduced to shades of camel and beige, which move through the spectrum of white and blush pink into chocolate brown and black. Jones reimagines office attire to flowing shirts and jacket silhouettes with mink interiors. “The Fendi family are women of intellect who work hard – and that’s what I wanted to celebrate,” declares Jones. “A powerful dynasty.”

The double-cashmere outerwear explores feminine details, whilst serving glamorous practicality. A gorgeous baby pink silk two-piece is paired with a white fur clutch bag, and tight form-fitting dresses have been crafted from almost see-through ribbed materials with fringe tassels dangling at the knees. “I’m taking the amazing, strong women who I both know and work with, and listening to their needs,” says Jones. “There’s a usefulness to the collection, explored in a chic, timeless way.”


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Some items feature the Karligraphy monogram laser cut into suede as a proud continuation of Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy. Jones explains how the women who wear these clothes can appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship of Fendi artisans: “Fun isn’t always just about bright colors. It can be about really luxurious self-indulgence, which pleases the person wearing it more than anyone else.”

Along with the clothing comes a variety of accessories directed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, such as clutch bags in all shapes and sizes. The iconic Baguette is reimagined by craftspeople from each of Italy’s 20 regions, welcomed by Fendi’s Hand in Hand project. Delfina Delettrez Fendi presents the new Fendi O’Lock jewelry, where padlocks can only be opened by dialing ‘Fendi’. Wax seal pendants are hung from golden chains and embellished metal cuffs, suggesting the empowerment of the Fendi woman. 

The show closes with some final words: “Hidden in a lost world’s mist. Embrace the future with a kiss.”

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