Why It’s Never Too Late To Leave Your Job

Lockdown has sparked admirable career shifts amongst women.


The monotonous 9-5 is something that we all must become accustomed to as we embark on adult life. The early wake-ups and the tedious commute are coupled with colleagues and bosses who irritate us at the best of times. In the famous words of Frank Sinatra “That’s Life” – they say. However, while it’s true that working is a part of life that we must accept - it’s important to know when it’s time to re-evaluate your job situation and seek opportunities elsewhere.  
Covid-19 has had a major impact on the job market. For many business owners, working from home has been a blessing in disguise and allowed companies to establish new, innovative ways of doing things. However, for some – remote working has encouraged a career shift, particularly among women.  

According to a survey from the professional women’s network AllBright, 1 in 4 women are setting up their own businesses, and over 60% are thinking about an entirely new job pivot altogether. The pandemic has had a disparaging effect on women in general – with countless lockdowns and furlough schemes compounding the stresses of family life, women will have often been at the center of juggling the ever-changing home-work balance.  

However, with so many ladies opting for a career revamp, and choosing to take that leap of faith – how can we not feel inspired? So, if you’re currently feeling stuck-in-a rut and are debating whether to take the plunge and try something new – go for it! 

Here are our top reasons why leaving your job may not only be beneficial, but necessary as you tackle the next stage of your career.

Prioritize Your Mental Health 

If Sunday evening comes around and you’re filled with anxiety at the prospect of starting the new working week - it’s time to rethink things. While it’s normal to have “good” and “bad” days in the workplace - living in a continuous state of dread is not healthy or sustainable in the long term.  

Whether it be toxic co-workers, unimaginable stress, or just simply feeling undervalued – when the negatives of your work-life environment are severely outweighing the positives, you need to re-assess your situation.  

Think about what it is that will make you feel happy and fulfilled going forward. Research what kind of working culture you want to be a part of and take it from there. You never know where an application might take you – you just need to have the courage to take those first steps!

Renew Your Sense Of Purpose   

If you’re a get-and-go person who is no longer feeling inspired or excited by the job you’re in - this is a key sign that it’s not for you anymore. Think of it this way - a job works in a similar way to a relationship, and if it’s no longer serving you and your primary interests, it’s time to cut it off.  

Even if you have become established in what you do and “settled” within your role – this does not mean that the job is harnessing your full potential. 

By making the decision to venture on a new career path – albeit your own business or changing the industry you work in completely, you will re-ignite your sense of purpose.

Explore New Opportunities For Growth 

If you’ve been wanting to climb up the career ladder for some time now, and you’re finding yourself stuck in a stagnant position, take a closer look at the opportunities your company has on offer. If you sense that there is a lack of flexibility and minimal chance of getting a pay rise, even when people have proven their loyalty to company bosses - it might be time to look elsewhere.  

Growth and progression in the workplace are often attributed to your financial income and how much you’re earning at one given time. However, professional growth is also dependent on how you develop personally as an individual. If you're considering a deeper dive into academia and career advancement, exploring graduate school options can be a rewarding path. For valuable insights and guidance on pursuing a graduate degree, visit the Grad School Center website.

Ideally, your work-life should promote core values that feed into your own. If you genuinely believe in what you’re doing, you will find your work more enjoyable and rewarding in the long term.  

Shaking up your career is not an easy decision and is not one that should be taken lightly. However, while the prospect of handing in your notice may terrify you, your personal and professional life may thank you for it later down the line. 

So, don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge and expand your horizons. You’ll be surprised at how many transferrable skills you’ve gained in your working life thus far. Take what you’ve learned and apply that knowledge to something that makes you excited to wake up in the morning! We promise you won’t regret it.