Feeling Confident In Your Own Skin

Learning to love ourselves has never been easier.


In a world where Instagram pictures get compared against supermodels and makeup is used to create an alter ego, it’s no surprise our confidence levels are at an all-time low.

This last year, dipping in and out of national lockdowns has been a rude awakening to the role we’re playing in our lives. Are we being truly authentic with ourselves? Spending hours on self-care for thought of nothing better to do, we had chance to reflect on the real us: fresh-faced, hair extension free, fine lines creeping back. Instead of feeling miserable about our façade slipping, we should be embracing it. 

The world is changing into a more self-accepting place to be. Just five years ago the concept of perfection was a size 0 Victoria’s Secret model, but now buzz words like diversity and uniqueness have taken center stage. The truth is, that the stereotypical model is disappearing, fast. From the runways of Yves Saint Laurent that show age is just a number and latest campaigns of Gucci where 18-year-old model with Down syndrome, Ellie Goldstein is the star, it’s starting to feel like our own skin is our greatest power.

It’s so refreshing to see ‘real life’ posts on social media trending, such as how posing can completely transform a body in five seconds, or that appearance of skin texture is really all about lighting. 


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From an early age we’re taught to conform to societal expectations, and if we don’t fit in we often feel unsure of ourselves. Being forced to act like someone we’re not is the easiest answer to fake a happy life, but it’s by no means a permanent fix. Instead of looking to others for praise and acceptance, start with yourself. Seeking validation from ourselves is the most efficient long-term change that will allow us to feel comfortable and motivated to achieve goals.

In this sense, the pandemic has allowed us time to learn to love ourselves truly and completely, with no one else but us to hold judgement. It has taught us that away from the busy hustle and uniform routine of daily life, the only thing that matters is a healthy body and happy mind. Our batteries have recharged and we are ready to face the world. Whatever beauty trend is thrown our way, we can face it head-on with a stronger sense of identity. 

In a post-pandemic world, a hug will feel warm and overdue, but the biggest glow will be from inside as we realize self-love is the most comforting feeling of all. So, don’t leave behind all that you have learnt. Continue to be the best version of you through eating well, exercising, meditating and making yourself a priority.  


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