Famous Canadian Celebrities and Their Hidden Interests

Ways they like to unwind and recharge.


Sometimes we dehumanize celebrities. Getting to know some of their interests, while intriguing, can help humanize them again. Because it lets us know, regardless of their perceived fame and fortune, they also have the desire to feel content and recharge away from work through personalized interests.

So be it a desire to indulge in gambling on 888poker Canada like you, to start a streaming channel and showcase their love of gaming on Twitch, or bake delicious cakes for their closest. The interests and talents of these Canadian stars may surprise and even inspire you to pursue a different passion outside of your day job.

So let's begin with some of Canada's most loved celebrities. And ways they like to unwind and recharge between their roles as celebrities.

Matthew Perry


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Before becoming the famous actor on Warner Bros’ sitcom Friends, which created the cult character Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry, under the influence of his parents, particularly his mother, found his passion for acting, but also tennis in his younger years.

Sources reveal Matthew was committed to tennis until his late teens. And through hard work and dedication, he earned a 17th ranking in the junior singles in Canada.

He later ventured to Los Angeles to live with his father, to practice and compete in the US.


Seth Rogen


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The majority know Seth to be an actor, a loveable rogue that plays laid-back, content characters with a goofy side.

But there is so much more to this person than meets the eye. The NY Times sat down with the actor for and depth conversation and the secret to happiness.

Firstly Seth is open about his appreciation of marijuana. Secondly, Rogen has another passion which most would struggle to guess - pottery.

He has made vases, plant holders, ashtrays, and he shows no sign of putting his passion for pottery away. For proof, you can see Seth's creations on Instagram.


Jonathan Scott

One half of the Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, has a surprising hidden talent and interest that's sure to bewilder fans.

Unbeknownst to most, Jon studied acting at the University of Calgary and later appeared in the X-files in the early nineties.

But most interesting of all, Jonathan is a qualified magician! And according to IMDb, he is the world's youngest worldwide illusionist.

On top of renovating, acting, and magic, more recently Jon has begun practicing a new skill to add to his stream of talents - playing the piano.


Ryan Gosling

Handsome actor Ryan Gosling has starred in numerous films throughout his career, including Blue Valentine, the Notebook and Drive.

But other than playing the role of the cool and dreamy guy, he is also a talented jazz guitarist and singer. Which no doubt helped him excel in the role of Sebastian in the movie La La Land as a jazz pianist.

Additionally, according to Gosling's chat with Jimmy Kimmel, during La La land, Ryan played the piano himself!


Sandra Oh

One of the Killing Eve actresses' hidden talents and interests beyond drama was ballet.

While living in Nepal, Ontario, Sandra was signed up to ballet classes by her parents when she was four.

The original reason being, according to Sandra's biography, was her parents wanted to correct her ‘pigeon-toed gait'.

While Sandra didn't continue ballet. The experience sparked her love for performing, which consequently helped to lead her towards her role as a successful actress today.


Jim Carrey


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In the early sixties, Jim Carrey was born in Newmarket, Ontario. As his passion for comedy and acting grew he later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy.

On his quest, he secured the role of Ace Ventura, the Mask and the protagonist's role in the Truman show.

But, interestingly, Jim's career as an artist expands beyond drama and creating and performing comedic content because he is also a talented artist.

His vivid and distinguished cartoons are reflections of world events and politics.


Noah Reid


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On Schitt's Creek, Noah played supportive boyfriend and smart businessman Patrick.

Besides being a fantastic actor, Noah, as revealed in Schitts creek when serenading David, also showed he could sing.

Those unfamiliar with Noah's work as a musician can research his albums released in 2015 and 2020 online.

Having hobbies and interests is important for anyone, including celebrities.

Other than making the individual more interesting and in some cases specialized in different subjects. It also drastically enhances an individual's life by giving people the chance to connect with other like-minded people. Moreover, experience what psychologist Mihaly refers to as 'flow'. Which is the art of being so engaged in a sport or activity that you lose all track of time and can disconnect from daily stressors.

So whether you want to make like Beyonce and create honey, or follow in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo, and engage in games that require deep thinking such as poker. If you haven't already adopted an interest, now is as good a time as any to start.

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