Save, Splurge, Get Your Sugar Daddy/Mamma To Get It

Want the Chunk but can only afford Shaq's Walmart Sneakers? Read on.


We here at Fizzy Mag are real people like you reading this. We have rent to pay, bills to avoid and that odd fine here and there to pay off, groceries – cause sometimes we can't find the right date to take us out for free food, and we LOVE SHOPPING FOR XPEN$IVE SHIT! But we can't all the time. We drool over sneakers that we can't afford and have googled how much our kidney costs (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SELLING ORGANS) and how long could you live off canned tuna before mercury poisoning sets in. 

We love the Balenciaga Triple S. We all can't afford to buy them thou, and you our lovely readers, probably are in the same position as us. Day dreaming about what life would be like and how big our closets would be if our moms took a leaf out of Kris Jenner's play book. 

So we came up with the 'Save, Splurge and get your Sugar Daddy/Mama to get them' concept for the chunky sneaker trend.


Crazily enough these Yeezy 500 Blushes are not that expensive, and very saveable for. They retail for $200, you could get them re-sale for $189-$299. They are the chunk. Made from the same building blocks as the Balenciaga Triple S: mesh, leather and suede. No one would dare say you got some low end entry level sneakers with these Yeezys. Plastered all over social media, you can't go wrong with these. Saving tip: For go that second coffee from the coffee shop in the morning and eat an apple. Same caffeine hit, but sweeter!


This color way does not release until August! But the chunk on these is to die for!! Not too chunky, not too unchunky and just enough Dad Shoe in there your dad may or may not try and steal them. The Thunder Electra is very reminiscent of the Triple S colorway. Also made from those trifecta building blocks, essentially this is a Puma style Triple S. But a whole lot more affordable. Retailing at $120 in August at Puma.com

Sugar Daddy/Mama we need you credit card.

Oh those $895 Triple S. What can we say about these that we haven't said already. For $895 you could skip this months rent not eat and look fab -- this we don't advise. And with the new color ways popping out, its getting hard to resist them. Or scour some places for a sugar daddy/ mama. Or if you an independent BOSS BABE who need no man or woman or sugar fairies and you got money in the bank sista you go get these and you wear them like no other!

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