3 Examples of Sex Toys for Women

Spice things up or make things even more enjoyable.


Sex should be a fun, fulfilling experience, whether you’re with a partner or going solo.

How you have sex is completely up to you, and introducing sex toys is an excellent way to spice things up or make things even more enjoyable.

If you’ve been considering looking into sex toys for women but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for three examples of the most common sex toys that are used by women today.

1. Dildos

If you know any of the different types of sex toys, you know the dildo. This sex toy is often shown in media when discussing adult sex toys, both for heterosexual and homosexual single women and couples.

Anything that is vaguely phallic-shaped and is meant for penetration is considered a dildo, so there are many variations of this sex toy.

There are many different lengths and girths you can choose from depending on your preference. There are also different styles, ranging from a more realistic penis look to those shaped like flowers or candy canes.

Those that enjoy penetration and the feeling of fullness in their vagina or anus often regard dildos as the best sex toys.

2. Vibrators

There are two main types of vibrators: wand vibrators and clit vibrators. Wand vibrators are typically more intense and have a longer, more phallic shape.

They are best for those that enjoy or need intense stimulation during sex. These can be inserted into the vagina or used to stimulate the vulva.

Wand vibrators can also double as regular massagers for use on other parts of the body. Because of this, they are great sex toys for couples to use during foreplay.

Clit vibrators are smaller than wand vibrators, are a little less intense, and are for use solely on the clit. They are also generally less phallic-shaped and can still be used solo or with a partner.

3. Clit Suction Toys

Clit suction toys are exactly what they sound like: a toy that uses air pressure to create a gentle sucking. This is much different than a vibrator, as it is less intense, and is more similar to the feeling of oral sex.

This is one of the best sex toys for those that have a hypersensitive clitoris and might find the sensation from a vibrator to be too intense.

Clit suction toys come in a variety of colors and styles, are often very small and discreet, and are perfect for travel, as well as solo or partner use.

Find Your Favorite Sex Toys

These are the three main sex toys for women that you’ll find, though any person can enjoy these regardless of gender.

To discover which might be right for you, consider your sexual habits and what pleases you the most. Think about how you like to have sex and what makes that good for you. Choose a sex toy that will compliment your own personal sexual desires, and you can’t go wrong!

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