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How To Wear This Season's Monochromatic Trend Feat. Opal Heart Clothing

Shot by Evil Eye Cult


White clothes are no strangers to our wardrobe; we don’t know where our closets would be without the washed-out wonder. And lately, it’s the monochrome outfits we’ve spotted that have piqued our interest in the color. Crisp, all-white styling is the perfect muted look to make a bold statement for the spring/summer season, and everyone from designers to celebrities have been seen experimenting with the trend.

Pioneering the white, monochromatic look is a fresh label on the scene, Opal Heart Clothing. With ladylike looks and an unwavering commitment to slow fashion principles and the environment, Opal Heart successfully experiments with materials, proportions and textures to create an absolutely stunning collection without compromising the quality of the clothing or the living and working conditions of the people making it. 

Each of the designs is centered on the iridescence of an opal— the designer plays with light reflecting fabrics and composition in every piece. All-white looks are perfectly tinged with icy blue or beaded detailing to give clothes an intriguing, multi-dimensional quality. 

For out latest Fizzytorial, Evil Eye Cult shot models Taylor Conzelmam, Aleria Crocker and Lexi Atkins wearing Opal Heart’s premier collection. Set against a midnight backdrop, the shoot is drenched in a mysterious vibe, proving white does not always represent innocence, and with color, sometimes less is more. 

View the entire shoot below, and shop Opal Heart’s inaugural collection beginning today. 


Opal Heart Shoot for Fizzy Mag from Sasha Gransjean (sæ∫ǝ) on Vimeo.

Direction & photography: EVIL EYE CULT @evil_eye_cult

Makeup: KASEY VANWEY @kaseymua

Hair: ALLYSA LOUISE @allysalouise

Models: TAYLOR CONZELMAN @taylorconzelman , ALERIA CROCKER @airelasille , LEXI ATKINS @lex_stagram 

STUDIO: Super Future Studios @superfuture_studios

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