Ethical Retail Platform The Canvas Is Changing The Fashion World

The NYC based brand is now making their way to Milan.


Founders Devin Gilmartin and Tegan Maxey started The Canvas in 2018 "with the motivation to provide a space for a community, a "blank canvas" where people and brands unite around ethical fashion." 

The company has created an online platform that functions as a space for ethical brands to work together. In addition to their online platform, The Canvas recognizes that the physical retail world isn't an easy space for sustainable brands to enter. One of the company's goals is to level the playing field.


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The Canvas creates special revenue-sharing agreements with landlords who have free space, allowing small brands to have a physical retail presence at an affordable cost. 

Across the last three years, they've had pop-up storefronts & hubs in Brooklyn, Antwerp, and Manhattan. More recently, The Canvas has been in discussion with potential partners in Milan. 

The Canvas is collaborating with the Italian Sustainable Brand Platform, an Italian company that operates a digital platform that offers sustainability assessments of various independent brands.

The Canvas will be hosting an online conference called "A World View," from October 7th-11th from New York. As part of their partnership, Sustainable Brand Platform CEO Alex Albini will be one of the panel speakers.


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The event will also feature Italian dignitaries such as designer and fashion fair ambassador Marina Spadafora; Vogue Italia head of Vogue Talents Sara Sozzani Maino, and co-founder of Wrad Matteo Ward. The event will include various panel discussions on the future of sustainable fashion, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

The Canvas is home to rising ethical fashion brands, and their platform is building a community around it. The company & their partnership with Italy has gained recognition by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Platform. Slowly but surely, The Canvas is making moves towards changing the fashion industry for the better.


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