Ellen DeGeneres Is Starting A New Chapter

Or so she says. 


If you read our previous article on The Ellen Show, you’d know an eighteenth season was in the works. Well, that season is out, and as promised, Ellen DeGeneres has “talk(ed) about it.” By ‘it,’ she is of course, referring to staff’s claims of a toxic work environment. Allegations of which include racism, sexual harassment, misconduct, and pretty much everything in-between… 

Since our writeup on her first, written statement, we’ve been waiting eagerly to hear an apology from the lips of DeGeneres herself. How would she address such serious accusations? we wondered. After watching the opening monologue, the answer became clear — through humour and matter-of-factness. Surprisingly chirpy, she was quick to address the elephant in the room, “If you’re watching because you love me, thank you. If you’re watching because you don’t love me, welcome.” In true, comedic fashion, the host then remarked, “how was everybody’s Summer? good? yeah, mine was great!” Such sarcasm was registered as downplaying by some, and harmless by others (typically fans who enjoy her sarcasm). 


DeGeneres soon transitions into serious mode by saying, “we have made the necessary changes, and today we are starting a new chapter.” She continues to apologise profusely to her staff members and audience, “If I’ve ever let someone down, if I’ve ever hurt their feelings, I am so sorry for that,” but not before throwing in a few gags about her “be kind” motto and past acting experiences. She finishes her speech by reassuring fans she is “committed to making this the best season that we have ever had.” And we hope that she does, if only for the sake of her staff. 

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