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Master Your Cat Eye With E.L.F.'s New Line & Define Eye Tape

*Meows* Finally.


We're no strangers to spending our Friday evenings huffing into the bathroom mirror with a handful of blackened Q-tips, and we reckon you probably aren't either. That's because perfecting a sharp – and even – cat-eye flick with increasingly wobbly (read: furious) hands is a near-impossible feat.

But before you go ahead and just get 'em tattooed there, E.L.F. Cosmetics has come through with a solution. It has just released its Line & Define Eye Tape, which is indeed tape that you stick on your face to help you draw that elusive precision line.

It only costs $2 for 40 pieces, and the guarantee of getting the perfect flick EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It also removes safely, which definitely makes it a better option than sticky tape.

Shop it now at E.L.F. Cosmetics.



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