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Brush Up On Your Make-Up Skillz With These 5-Star Brushes

Five Sigma holy grails we should all own.


We know what you did this morning – aside from that danger wank you had five minutes before you had to catch the bus, that is (*high five*). Turns out you were just as slap-dash with your make-up routine. No make-up brushes? No problem – I've got ten whole fingers. Yeah, that's all well and good, but do you think the Mona Lisa would be half as elegant if Leo da Vinci was a finger painter? No, she'd look like she accidentally ate a space cake. But you already clicked on this article, so we guess you don't need that much convincing.

Make-up brushes give you a level of control and precision that even the most dexterous hand would have no hope of achieving – not even your nana's seasoned knitting fingers. Apply your make-up with a brush and not only will you achieve a seamlessly blended, airbrushed finish, but the even application will save you lots of product. And if you bother to regularly wash the things, brushes can be much more hygienic, preventing your products from being contaminated with bacteria.

So, to help you brush up on your make-up skillz, we've picked out five five-star-reviewed holy grail brushes from cult brand Sigma – professional, cruelty-free and with a whole two year warranty.


The All-Rounder


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This multi-functional brush is perfect for newbies, designed for use in all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. Basically, if you're only gonna buy one brush, make it this one. The unique brush features dense bristles with a double-wedge flat and pointed head, making it perfect for both buffed-in foundation or chiseled contour.

Shop it here for $25.


The Cat Eye Catalyst


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What if we told you you needn't spend 15 minutes, ten Q-tips and half a bottle of make-up remover to get that perfectly even cat eye? If you're a fan of fierceness, this nifty little winged liner brush could change your life. Much superior to those lame liquid eyeliner applicators, this brush's small, angled shape allows for absolute precision, and can be used with gel, liquid or powder products. Eyes on fleek in record time.

Shop it here for $15.


The Soft Touch


If you're still using the same little eyeshadow applicator you got with your first ever palette – jeez, please tell us you've at least washed it once – or, again, you generally just use your fingers, what have you been doing with your life? Although both these methods are fine for the initial smear of product, the blending brush is an absolute game-changer. This blending brush is ideal for blending colors on the lid, adding depth in the crease and softening intense lines and edges for a professional effect.

Shop it here for $16.


The Cheeky Chiseler


From zero to Kim K, how chiseled are your cheekbones right now? Contouring is just one of those things you need to use a brush for, if you don't want to look like you're wearing camouflage paint – and tbf, with the amount of people making an utter mess of it, smear it on with your fingers and you might actually blend into the crowd quite well. If you prefer to look natural, however, this must-have brush is ideal for powder bronzer and blush.

Shop it here for $26.


The Magic Wand


If you're the type of girl who likes her cheekbones as bright as her future, you're going to love this highlighter brush. Fluffy but firm, the beveled brush helps you to achieve seamlessly blended cream or powder highlighting on the cheekbones, nose and chin.

Shop it here for $20.


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