Effortlessly Enthralling: Minna at The Social

Upcoming folk artist Minna shines with her angelic, acoustic set.


I find myself at a gig in the basement of a bar near Oxford Street, on a Tuesday night, completely caught up in the world of Minna. With unmatched lyricism and entrancing melodies, her distinct voice echoes in my mind.

Opening with her most recent single “I love you for that”, which was recently played on East Midlands BBC Introducing, she captivates the audience with impressive vocal riffs and intense emotional conviction alongside the incredibly talented Ollie Clark on guitar, whose passionate and intricate accompaniment only emphasises the beauty of the performance. 

A noteworthy aspect of this performance, which makes it even more wholesome, is the clearly very strong relationship between the musicians and the confidence they have in each other. After song number one, the E string on the guitar snaps! But the professional pair continue with ease, and it almost goes unnoticed (but I was at the front, lucky me). 

After being blessed by angelic, unreleased songs (one of which she finished only a few hours prior!?), she performs her first and most popular track "To The Hills," in which her soft-toned yet powerful vocals shine through as she displays incredible vocal range and control, her beautifully written melody dancing playfully over the warm, buttery acoustic guitar.

A mesmerising cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don't Blink Twice” rounds off her set perfectly, which is probably why she says she “always ends with this one.” Every song resonates, with lyrics that poke at and sometimes rip out your heart. My favourite… “words will run like honey through my mind.” 

You can catch her perform again September 8th at The Troubadour and again at Harvest Festival Daylesford on September 17th-18th, and of course stream her music on all music platforms.


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