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This Foodie Insta Will Have You Hungering After Fresh Kicks

Hype that's good enough to eat.


Have you ever seen a sneaker so tasty that you could literally just eat it? Yeah, us too. Well, thanks to the incredible eatlikeyoureondeathrow, run by Californian chef Roro, tearing your teeth through a fresh pair of kicks doesn't seem so implausible after all.

Full of absolutely ingenious sushi and pie interpretations of hyped sneakers and streetwear logos, the Instagram is a veritable gold mine of dinner inspiration for the most discerning of sneakerheads – let us know if you give any of these a go by the way.

Among the lineup is a lunchtime YEEZSHI made from crab and caviar sushi, a “PIE” Off-White x Air Jordan 1 rustic apple Christmas galette (lolololol), and a Nike Air Max 1 OG made from cold pizza. Serious skillz.

Follow eatlikeyoureondeathrow here.

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