Mash Up Meals For The Millenial On The Go


Want to take your food game to the next level? Don’t want to spend a whole lot of time or energy? Never fear; we’ve got you covered.

It is really easy to get stuck in a food rut; eating the same foods day after day, week after week. But if you want to get creative without breaking the bank or wasting your time, there are tons of ways to mix up your routine.

First of all, single-serve mug baking is definitely your friend. This two minute, microwavable mug brownies recipe is super key to living large without living complicated.

Get the recipe here

For a slightly fancier version, you can try Nutella mug cakes:

Get the recipe here

Strawberries and cream Mug Cake:

Get the recipe here

Second of all, switching up your beverage of choice is the perfect way to mix up a boring work day. For fancy, starbucks style frappuchinos on the cheap, check out this thin mint frappucino recipe:

thin mint frappucino starbucks recipe

If you prefer fruit flavors, try this strawberries and cream version:

Get the recipe here

If you want to get you green tea on, try this iced matcha latte:

matcha frappucino recipeGet the Recipe here.

Nostalgic for your Lisa Frank stickers? Reminisce with this Lisa Frank Zebra Cake:

Get the recipe here

and coordinate with neon italian cream sodas:neon italian cream sodas Get the recipe here

And if you want something with a little more substance, try Welsh rarebit:

Welsh Rarebit Get the recipe here

or Pesto Zucchini Noodles:

Fast, Cheap Easy Meals Get the recipe here

For a healthier choice, try this easy lentil tomato salad:

Fast Easy Mash up Meals for Millenials Get the recipe here

or this Cucumber Soba Noodle Salad:

Fast, Easy Mash up Meals for Millenials Get the recipe here

For a sweeter choice, try this berry parfait:

Fast, cheap Easy Mash up Meals for MillenialsGet the recipe here

Recipes like these can help you live healthier without living busier. Finally, there are even easier and faster ways to change up your meal of choice. If you do not want to experiment with new recipes, you can just add fun food coloring or fancy syrups to your normal foods to give it a little extra kick. It’s a really simple way to bring your food game to the next level.

Slider Image via Studiodiy