Drake Vs. Eminem: Who Would Win, If They Were To Battle?


By now, you’ve heard about the rumored feud between Drake and Eminem.
Even Kanye West has weighed in on the controversy (for the record, he sided with Drake). While the famed battle may or may not happen (more than likely, not), it’s fascinating to think about. The two rappers are so different in so many ways. Who would win?

Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, hails from Toronto, or ‘the Six’ as he famously calls it (which doesn’t make much sense, really). Drake’s big break came on Canada’s legendary teen soap, Degrassi. He broke out on the music scene in 2007 with his mixtape, ‘Room For Improvement’. He’s coined ‘YOLO’, been a meme with Hotline Bling, and made the world dance with ‘One Dance’. But does he have the chops to take on the world’s most famous (white) rapper?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (aka EMINEM), hit it big with his Slim Shady EP in 1997 and the Slim Shady LP in 1999. He’s very well known for his controversial lyrics, which often include threats of violence against women and homophobic slurs. He’s been around for decades – remember 8 Mile? That was fourteen years ago.

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The main difference between Drake and Eminem (beyond their ages, race, nationalities, et cetera) is the mood and atmosphere of their music. Drake’s music is far less angry than Eminem’s.

In tone and in lyrics, Eminem’s music is filled with rage. Even as early as ‘Slim Shady’, songs like ‘Just Don’t Give’ has lyrics like, “I’ll slit your motherfuckin throat worse than Ron Goldman”. Eminem’s music is violent, defensive.

By contrast, most of Drake’s music is happy and fun (excluding outliers like ‘Summer Sixteen’). One Dance, Pop Style, ‘The Motto’, Hotline Bling, even Started From The Bottom, are far more joyful than the happiest Eminem song. Drake’s public persona is also more in line with a pop star (or a Canadian) than most rappers. Drake has crashed Bar Mitzvahs, embarrassed himself on Saturday Night Live, and announced his love for Rihanna at concerts.

Leaving aside his various legal troubles, Eminem has had what seems like dozens of feuds over the years. Suge Knight even allegedly tried to have him killed. And the song ‘The Real Slim Shady’ (from the Marshall Mathers LP), meant as a critique of popular music, alternates between mocking Britney Spears and alleging that Eminem killed Dr. Dre.

Songs like ‘Just Lost It’, and ‘Ass Like That’ have reinforced the image of an angry, violent misogynist. Whether or not this presentation is true is debatable, but it certainly contrasts with Drake.

So who would win, if they were to battle? It’s all speculation at this point, but it might just be a tie.

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