Double Standards Are #Cancelled

Women call the lack of uniformity that “cancel culture” exhibits into question.


In light of recent turmoil that has taken over the internet, it seems to be high time to take “cancel culture” into closer evaluation. Rico Nasty certainly thinks so as she opens up to British Vogue about the double standards female rappers face in the industry when it comes to making mistakes: “We get the shorter end of the stick. I really hate how easy it is for us to be canceled versus the guys.”

She references recent events such as the resurfacing of Cardi B’s old Vines and Doja Cat’s infamous chatroom incident, alluding to the fact that when female celebrities screw up it seems to equate to a free pass for the keyboard warriors to attempt to completely de-platform them. On the other hand, when a male screws up they may be duly criticized but seem to survive the attack unscathed, as it only takes a few weeks for the community to forgive and forget. Although the debate is often justified, the mob-like approach of “cancel culture” is increasingly falling short of holding creators accountable in a productive way, as the objective of social justice gets obscured by unnecessary and hateful trolling. #CancelCultureIsOverParty?


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