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Image Source: bbc.co.uk

Watch Donald Trump Hit On A Spice Girl As Melania Stands By Awkwardly

Stop right now thank you very much.


A new video has surfaced of Donald Trump acting not-so-presidential again, and this time, the repugnant act was committed with the First Lady in plain sight.  

The man who now represents the Family Values party was attending a VH1 Fashion event in 2000 with his then-girlfriend Melania in tow. Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham were manning the red carpet at the event, and when Trump and Melania stepped into view, Beckham, aka Posh Spice, said, “Donald Trump looks like a banker. Not at all stylish— but GOD he’s rich, so we’ll interview him anyway.” 

Big mistake. With his wife-to-be in hand, Trump shamessly flirted with both hostesses interviewing him. He managed to resist any urges he may have had to grab one or both of the Spice Girls by the pu**sy, but that’s about the only nice thing we can say. 

Trump audibly says “very nice” while turning to gawk at Bunton’s ass, and she definitely did NOT want to be his lover. 

Watch the cringe-worthy moment here: 

Clearly, Donald Trump has never seen a single Spice Girls video or he would know his actions go against everything these ladies stand for— GIRL POWER. 

Seriously, how did the worst guy at a frat party become our president?! We’re sorry, Baby Spice.