On New Single “Open Up Wide”, Dizzy is Afraid of Selling Out

The Ontario four-piece gives the music industry a “tongue in cheek” dressing down


Inherently vulnerable, songwriting places the artist on the operating table, waiting to be picked and prodded by executives, fans, and critics alike. Alt-rock band Dizzy sings to the pressure artists feel to put their innermost thoughts on display, all for the world to hear and criticize. Both thematically thought-provoking and sonically addicting, their new single “Open Up Wide”  succeeds on many fronts. 



“Open Up Wide” takes a satirical look at the unending battle between creatives and the management behind them. Vulnerable with a slight self-deprecating, comedic twist, four-piece Dizzy struggles under the pressure to sell-out. It’s a fight every artist faces, and a plaguing fear that their music will fall on jaded, deaf ears.

Dizzy’s lead singer Katie Munshaw dons a striking mask, in a purposeful statement against the music industry’s craving for constant aesthetic changes. The band said of the single’s powerful statement: "It's a tongue in cheek ode to a music industry we've never understood all that well.” The amusing title “Open Up Wide” even comes from an inside joke based on their own experiences as music artists. 

“Open up wide, gotta pay to rent to rot away in my mom’s basement,” sings Munshaw

The track is helmed by lead singer Munshaw, whose laid-back and effortlessly-cool vocal performance sells “Open Up Wide’s” disaffection. The whimsical, groovy production lends to a catchy tune you won’t be able to stop humming. 



Fans can expect more from Dizzy in these upcoming months. The band will release their third, self-titled album on August 18th, 2023, where listeners can expect more eagle-eyed observations and provocative lyrics. The band is currently touring with band Joywave, with their next performance in New Haven, Connecticut, on March 31st. 


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