DIY The Chunky Highlight Hair Trend

Step back into the 90s.


Self-isolation is taking over country by country. While you can spend the time binging tv shows and staying in bed all day, we think now is the perfect time to get experimental! If it goes wrong, no need to worry, no one will see you! 

The 90s were, and continue to be the dominating decade for fashion trends, this has moved into beauty trends with glossy lips and no makeup make a return. Now, 90s hair! Spotted Dua Lipa or FKA Twigs recently? They’re sporting chunky striped highlights and the look is super easy to achieve with only 5 simple steps, take a read.

#1 Part your hair, we think it’s best if you part your hair through the middle as this is the easiest way. But it’s up to you depending on your hairstyle.

#2 Using an at-home bleach kit, if you can’t get to the salon. Fully coat the hair strands before wrapping them in foil and let it sit. In the meantime, watch some YouTube or practice other self-care. 

#3 Once the time is up, wash the bleach out thoroughly and let the fun begin…

#4 Now is the time to choose your due. Get colorful or keep it subtle with a lighter shade of your natural color.

#5 Following those instructions, once you are done you can wash and style! 


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