How DIY Iced Facials Can Transform Your Skin Care Routine

Time to get icy.


There are two types of DIY ice remedies that are floating around TikTok recently. One is the ice-water facial, which as it sounds is a big bowl of cold water with ice (you can add things like cucumbers or oils if you’re feeling extra) that you dunk your face into as many times as you can bare.
According to dermatologists, the ice-water facial isn’t anything new, but still holds several benefits. Those include reducing puffiness, decreasing inflammation, improving the look of wrinkles and minimizing the appearance of large pores. 

Although the benefits sound good, overusing ice-water facials can ultimately lead to an increase in irritation and redness. Dermatologists suggest using this technique once a week or a few times a month, not every day. 

The second DIY ice technique is something that can be used daily, morning and night. This is face icing, which is a simple technique whereby you grab a piece of ice (preferably one piece that’s smooth and large in size), wrap it in kitchen towel to prevent getting soaked and gently pressing it against your face. This is particularly good along the cheekbones, undereye circles and jaw line. 

The benefits of this technique include reducing oiliness, easing of acne and can help target puffiness around the eye area. Ultimately, boosting the skin’s healthy glow and giving more defined facial features such as the cheekbones. 

Both techniques have their benefits, but face icing is a more calming and often more-effective alternative because you can directly apply the ice to the areas you want to work on, and obviously it’s a better option than freezing your nose off once every few days! Things we do for our skin hey!

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