5 DIY Hacks To Avoid (Even If Everyone Does It)

Read before applying to your face!


I am always a fan of DIY beauty hacks. My younger days spent on YouTube watching beauty bloggers tell me to use an ice cube to bring down those pesky pimples, sent me straight to my freezer! However, there are some you should definitely avoid.

Here are the hacks that are better kept away from your skin:


Vinegar as a toner? No thanks! Not only is the smell strong enough to deter spiders from your face - don’t get any ideas - ‘it immediately causes a burning sensation’ irritating the skin. In some cases, you can ‘experience superficial chemical burns’ OUCH!


We all love a good exfoliator, and DIY coffee scrubs have been the rage. However rubbing it into the face produces ‘micro-tears’ which cause ‘severe dryness’, ‘discomfort’ and, depending on your skin type, ‘irritation’. 


Using toothpaste to magically erase those pimples is a trend that has always been around. But toothpaste consists of a mixture of ‘baking soda and peroxide’, which when applied to the face, causes ‘irritation, leaving skin dry and flaky’. If that’s not enough to put you off this hack, using it as overnight spot cream leaves ‘scars and marks’ on your skin. 


Stay clear of putting lemon directly to your face, as your skin becomes ‘extremely sensitive to UV rays’. Resulting in ‘discoloration, sunburn and overall skin damage’... so pretty nasty stuff.  Best to drink it rather than spread it on your face! 


Blackheads are the worst of the worst, but using glue to extract these tiny demons should be an idea kept locked away. When applied directly to your face, glue causes ‘dryness and allergic reactions’. Maybe stick to using it to glue those memories into a book, rather than creating a memory you’d much rather forget! 

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