For Your Pleasure: Diesel Hooks Up With Lelo to Make their Raunchiest Statement Piece Yet

Not Powered by Batteries, It's Powered by Diesel.


Diesel put their signature sultry red on some new pieces, (which can be worn on your piece) with Swedish lifestyle brand Lelo to make your illicit encounters not only hot but also couture. After all, what’s chicer than the perfect pair of Diesel jeans? The perfect vibrator. Adorned with bold white lettering matching the denim brand’s logo, you can finally figure out what comes between you and your jeans. The collaboration comes with the goal of normalizing sexual wellness and a healthy relationship with yourself or your partner, after all, if you put on jeans every day why not pair them with an afterglow? This sentiment is shared by their Marketing Director,  Luka Matutinović, who said Diesel’s attitude of, “empowerment,” fits in perfectly with their own brand's philosophy. The blend was in fact seamless with Diesel’s slogan, “For successful living,” which was toyed with and changed to “For Sexful Living.” One of the toys even begs to be “Turned On.” Cute and funny? How could we resist? 


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This isn't the first time the brand has flirted with fashion and the risque, but it surely is a new way to do it. Back in the harrowing and lonely days of the first lockdowns, when seeing your significant other was risky in a nonexciting way, they released a campaign celebrating the end of that era, showing the intimacy of being reunited. Now, these couples have been back together for a while, and it's time to spice things up. "All it needs is a charge," and the sparks will find their way back. The male and female counterparts will retail for $120 and $150 and will be available at both brands' (Lelo) online retailers. Diesel will also carry them in select stores if you are a person who needs to get their hands on something before committing. 

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