Did You Know You Can Use Coconut Oil For Your Nails?

Make Them Stronger And Healthier With Ease.


Coconut oil is used a lot when it comes to beauty. Due to its beneficial properties, there’s an ongoing list of all the ways we can use coconut oil for our beauty benefits. From hair to skin to nails, what is there that coconut oil can’t do? Well, let’s get into how coconut oil can help your nails!

Strengthens brittle nails

It can be hard to keep your nails strong. Whether it's due to manual work, household chores, acrylics, or something else, our nails can become weak and brittle. Fortunately, coconut oil can treat this! Applying a small amount to the nail and rubbing it in allows the nail to get hydrated and will begin to strengthen. Doing this regularly is best as the nail can absorb the oil’s properties and become strong. 

Treats damaged cuticles

In the winter time, it is common for our cuticles to begin to peel and become dry. They can become more noticeable and feel rough in texture, and sometimes cause discomfort. Applying a small amount of coconut oil to the cuticle area can help this as it moisturizes the cuticles. Not only will this prevent peeling, but also make them look and feel healthy. 

Prevents hangnails

Isn’t it just so irritating when you have a hangnail coming out of the cuticle? Causing pain and discomfort, it can be very frustrating, especially if it happens to you often. Hangnails usually occur due to soaps and sanitizers, as well as nail biting. However, a little bit of coconut oil goes a long way as it can soothe the hangnail, as well as preventing any more. 

Applying coconut oil regularly will allow your nails and cuticles to become strong, soft and smooth. 

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