Dealing With Depression After A Breakup

This might be something you are already familiar with or going through right now. 


You don't need us to tell you how much breakups suck!

After being with somebody you have been head over heels in love with for a long time, it can be a real blow to the system when that person is no longer there. In some cases, they may have instigated the breakup. In other cases, you may have noticed the signs that he's not the one. Either way, having that sudden void in your life can be a difficult one, and according to this article, those dark feelings you have afterward can lead to depression. This might be something you are already familiar with or going through right now. 

The best thing to do is nip depression in the bud as quickly as possible. Those feelings of depression will only worsen if you don't, and you might be tempted to act out in ways that are unhealthy. Getting your life on track after your breakup needs to be a priority, so consider the following and heed our advice if and when you start to experience depression after a breakup. 

Don't stalk your ex on social media

If the relationship's over, it's over. There's little point in you stalking your ex on social media, perhaps with the hope that he's as unhappy as you are, as you might make yourself feel worse. It might also be that you get angry at him if you find out he's in another relationship. Or you might become fixated on false hopes at getting back together if you see that he remains single. 

The problem here is that you are investing time in somebody who is no longer invested in you, so you need to get all thoughts of him out of your life. Delete and block him on social media, as this is your first step towards moving on and beating your depression.

Do something that will improve your mood

You deserve to be happy, so finding ways out of your slump needs to be a priority. Look for things to do that will improve your mood, be that spending time with your friends, taking part in the hobbies you enjoy, or visiting places that bring you joy. 

You should also look at your lifestyle. When you're depressed, you might be tempted to sit on the sofa all day wallowing in grief and despair, and you might comfort eat those foods that are bad for you. Your mental health will worsen if you live unhealthily, so take better care of yourself. Make the effort to exercise, as you will release those happiness chemicals into your brain if you do. And eat depression-busting foods, as you will regain the strength and energy to move on with your life, and your mind will become mentally better. 

Do something therapeutic

Self-care is important when your mood is low, so find ways to relax yourself. Book yourself a massage, surround yourself with aromatherapy candles when you're taking a bath, chill out with your friends, and listen to calming music. 

Consider finding ways to meditate too. Try yoga, book yourself a guided mediation session, or visit somewhere scenic and reflect on the beauty around you. Medical experts have recently been advocating a new type of mood-enhancing therapy, meditation and binaural beats. This might be something you want to try, but research other forms of meditation and find something that will get you into a better place mentally.

And remember to talk to others, as this can also be therapeutic. Talk to your friends about how you're feeling, or a trusted family member, or even a therapist. This is better than keeping your feelings bottled up inside, as you do need a way to vent your negative thoughts safely.

And so…

Breakups suck, and feelings of depression don't make things any easier. However, you will be able to move on, and you will be able to do this faster when your mood is better. So, follow our suggestions, get help from your doctor if you need to, and then get back out into the world and start dating again when you're ready. True love is out there, but remember to love yourself first. 


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