Streetwear Refreshment DB Berdan x Pepsi Turkey

Streetwear Refreshment DB Berdan x Pepsi Turkey

Mother-daughter duo quenching our fashion thirsts.


London Streetwear has been hit with a mother-daughter fashion storm hailing from Istanbul. DB Berdan is founded by Deniz Berdan, a veteran fashion editor, street art connoisseur, and mother to Begum, the other half of DB Berdan. Begum who is still a student at the London College of Fashion, combining her love of costume performance and her understanding of the London market. 

The duo are collaboration veterans with Starbucks, Nescafe and Douglas Cosmetics amongst only some giants the duo has on speed dial. Deniz and Begum understand the fundamental of street wear: accessibility. 

In a market flooded with high end street wear at even higher end prices, their latest collaboration with Pepsi Turkey seen at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the collection is affordably accessible.

The collection is youthful and colorful, with injections of playfulness and performance, a design element that Begum may have inspired. The iconic blue/red/white of the Pepsi icon streams throughout the collection. Heavy branding in futuristic typography and Asian iconography glisten in metallic and sequence. At the core, these designs are edgy street wear, perfect for taking basic elements to a whole other level. 

This isn‘t the first time that the brand has designed for the soft drink powerhouse. Back in 2013 the pair designed a costume for Katy Perry for PepsiCo. The brand has been stocked at Harvey Nicols for the past 4 years and now moved onto Wolf & Badger in London. 

What could be better than women designing for women‘s street wear. The collection understands the fine balance between casual oversize and feminine tailoring, the later lacking in many women’s street wear collections. 

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