Daydreaming About A New Mani? Check Out The Latest Nail Trend

Taking inspiration from mother nature.


We love us some nail art, whether it’s matching the color of your fave sneaker or going a lil' extra with your acrylics. As we're waiting to step into spring, color and hue inspiration is taken from the flowers in bloom. However, a trend that’s taking over Instagram requires you to look up at the sky- we're talking cloud nail art.

Sunset eyeshadow looks had their moment in 2019, but now we’re moving onto our nails. Popular designs include blue hues with dainty white clouds through to purple sunset scenes. Mother Nature is our inspo! But you have to be prepared to put in the time, as these designs can take up to two hours (BRB clearing our schedule). With an ombre base created using the desired color, the cloud art is hand-painted using detailed brushes. If you have time and patience to actually try it yourself, we have some Insta inspo for you right here: 



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