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Curtains Up For NA-KD’s First Gender-Neutral Collection

Curtains Up For NA-KD’s First Gender-Neutral Collection

A collaboration with Swedish singer Danny Saucedo.


Online retailer NA-KD is the newest one to jump on the gender-inclusive wagon by releasing their newest streetwear collection in collaboration with Swedish singer-songwriter Danny Saucedo. 

‘Take Center Stage’, a monochrome black and white range with occasional pink and leo pops of colors, is described as a mix of ‘dressy and casual pieces’ with a strong emphasis on ‘a luxe feel’.

No matter if you’re looking for oversized fake fur coats, utility boiler suits or cozy slouch-hoodies, you’re very likely to find what you’re looking for over here.

While most of the pieces have dropped on 29th October, some items (such as the previously mentioned boiler suits) are not being released until beginning of November. 

Prices range from $33.95 for the boxy graphic Tee’s up to $142.95 for the fluffy beige faux fur coat.

Danny Saucedo X NA-KD collection is now available via the official NA-KD website.


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